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Carstensz pyramid, Puncak Jaya, 4884m is the highest summit on the Oceanic continent and is a part of the world famous "7 summits".

Located in Papua between Jungle and the coast, it’s is a part of the Sudirmange mountainrange and is maybe two or three times a year visited by climbing expeditions. In June we will be most likely the only expedition that enter this mountainrange, a wonderful experience where we become one with nature 

The road to the basiscamp of the Carstensz is far away from civilization, hidden behind a intense and untouched world on the territory of local tribes. Because we need the permission of several tribal leaders, the route changes each year but thats what makes is unique and exciting!

We;  Geert Decleir (Belgium) Sofie Dewolf (Belgium) Geert vanhurck (Belgium) Miguel Madrid Lopez (Spain) Manolo (Spain) and Christoffer Wang (Norwegian) started our expedition on the beautiful island of Bali after which a domestic flight brought us to the second largest city of Papua ;Timika. From there, the real adventure began when we sharterd a small plane by flying to last real village Ilaga 2300 m

Our Cook and local guide  accompanied us during the whole journey with the material carried by Papua porters. After the frist day trough primitive villages, winding paths and hidden passages in the immense green sea. Camps were prepared in function of available water, shelter and after a day-trekking  from 8-12 hours ….

The next 5 days were very intense, where we crossed the dense rainforest on the Kembala plateau 3300 m towards the open grass plains

We will crossed sevral rivers and went over the the New Zealand pass at 4600 m to the foot of the beautiful rugged mountain, basecamp 4330m.

The route to the  summit of Carstensz, is equipped with fixed ropes and By satellite phone we gave  permanent updates with our home basecamp in Belgium  for the BLOG and facebookpage PAGE  . This climb was with a local guide and we depend  as a team on each other

With the proper preparation, conditional and technical, this climb was a fantastic experience on a unique and beautiful remote mountain and the highest point in Indonesia!   Expedition organisation by Oceanic Expeditions

5-6 june– meeting on the Amsterdam airport for departure with scheduled flight to Bali and the rest of the day free. Overnight at the Ramayana Resort & Spa Hotel.

7/6: – Free in BALI en connection to Timika the 2nd largest city of Papua. Overnight at Hotel (MA)

8/6: – Arrival to Overnight at Grand Tembaga Hotel

9/6 – flight to Ilaga and preparations at the local authorities for our permits. overnight stay in tents (OA)

10/06 – 15/06: – today we start our trek to Carstensz pyramid (4884m). The first day we will pull through the villages and we gradually increase through the New Zealand Pass to base camp. We are assisted by our carriers that carry our luggage and other material. The climbers should inform their personal backpack to carry (max. 10 kg). All nights in tents (OA).

16/06 – 17/06– After arrival at the base camp, the climbers themselves for a successful ascent. All nights in tents. (OA)

18/06 – 22/06: – the fourteenth day we start the descent from the base camp via the New Zealand Pass along the same road to the lower villages. Upon arrival at the landing strip we say goodbye to our Papua friends. Overnight stay in tents (OA).

23/06: – Starting with a charter back to Timika and transfer to the Grand Tembaga Hotel. After the afternoon off with option of buying Papua art (O).

24/06: – departure to the airport for the flight to Bali and transfer to the hotel and the rest of the day free. Overnight at the Ramayana Resort & Spa Hotel. (O)

25/06:-free day in Bali. Overnight stay in Ramayana Resort & Spa Hotel (O)

26/06: – departure to the airport for flight bound for Brussels.

27/06: – arrival at Brussels Airport.

5-6 juin- On se rencontre à l'aéroport d'Amsterdam ou de Bruxelles pour le départ avec un vol régulier à Bali . Le reste de la journée on est libre.

On passe la nuit à l'hôtel Ramayana Resort & Spa.

7/6: -  Toute une journée libre à Bali. Nuit à l'hôtel Ramayana Resort & Spa. (PD)

8/6: - Vol de nuit à Timika (la 2ème plus grande ville de Papouasie).

On passe la nuit à l'hôtel Grand Tembaga (PD, DJ)

9/6 - Vol pour Ilaga et faire les préparations aux autorités locales pour obtenir nos permis. On passe la nuit dans les tentes (PD, DJ)

10/06 - 15/06: - Aujourd'hui nous commençons notre randonnée à la pyramide de Carstensz (hauteur :4884m).

Le premier jour, nous traverserons les villages et nous augmenterons graduellement pour qu’on puisse passer à travers le col de la Nouvelle-Zélande jusqu'au camp de base.

Nous sommes assistés par sherpas qui transportent nos bagages et les autres matériels. Les grimpeurs doivent s’informer si leur sac à dos personnel à transporter pèse maximum 10 kg!

Toutes les nuits pendant l’expédition, on dort dans les tentes (PD, DJ).

16/06 - 17/06- Après l'arrivée au camp de base, les grimpeurs eux-mêmes se préparent pour une remontée réussie. Toutes les nuits on dort dans les tentes. (PD, DJ).

18/06 - 22/06: - Le quatorzième jour, nous commençons la descente du camp de base par le col de la Nouvelle-Zélande le long de la même route et vers les villages qui se trouvent plus bas.

A notre arrivée à la piste d'atterrissage, nous disons au revoir à nos amis papous. On passe la nuit dans des tentes (PD, DJ).

23/06: - Démarrage avec une charte à Timika et transfert à l'hôtel Grand Tembaga. Après: l'après-midi est libre avec l'option d'acheter  des artefacts primitifs ou l’art de Papua (PD, DJ).

24/06: - départ pour l'aéroport pour le vol à Bali et un transfert à l'hôtel. 

Le reste de la journée on est libre.

On passe la nuit à l'hôtel Ramayana Resort & Spa Hôtel. (PD)

25/06:  Un jour libre à Bali. Nuit à l'hôtel mentionné (PD)

26/06:  Départ pour l'aéroport pour le vol à Amsterdam ou Bruxelles (PD).

27/06:  Arrivée à l'aéroport d'Amsterdam ou de Bruxelles.