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NORMAL PRICE :  625,- euro


Fisiotics provides a personal high altitude training program for the best preparation.

We combine functional & hypoxic training adjusted to your physical condition and medical background.

This program is specially made for trekking and climbing in high altitude mountains.

Included in this training program :

  • 2x Exercise & lactate test to determine the training zones based on the aerobic and anaerobic threshold 
  • Running analysis & strength-or stabilization tests for screening your physical ability
  • Training program , renewed  in function of your progress.
  •   1 hour personal coaching
  • High altitude sensibility test : monitoring your physical reaction to increasing  altitude
  • 10 training sessions of one hour on the hypoxic device  or reduction on rental service Altitude dream

Physical fitness screening & training advice

We evaluate a persons condition and heart rate to determine your traingszones based on the aerobic and anaerobic threshold by lactate test. Based on these results we provide a trainingsprogram.

Detailed info will be given during info sessions in Fisiotics

Bij de conditiescreening gaan we over tot een inspanningstest met progressieve belasting tot uitputting met registratie van lactaatconcentratie en hartfrequentie voor het bepalen van uw traingszones op basis van de aërobe en anaërobe drempel.   

By a running analysis, strength-or stabilization tests, we screen your physical ability. By this we can organise your traning andimprove the performance of a recreational, competition or professional athlete.  Doormiddel van bijvoorbeeld een loopanalyse, kracht- of stabilisatieoefeningen of een inspanningstest, maken we een screening naar uw fysieke mogelijkheden om uw prestaties te verbeteren voor zowel een recreatieve sporter, competitiesporter of topsporter.

Hypoxic training

Intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), also known as intermittent hypoxic therapy, is a non-invasive, drug-free technique aimed at improving human performance and well-being by way of adaptation to reduced oxygen.

The phenomenon of IHT is that it delivers a non-damaging training stimulus that naturally triggers a cascade of beneficial adaptive responses without adverse effects. The response is almost instant and is evident at various levels, from systemic down to cellular

The IHT session consists of training 45-60 minutes  breathing hypoxic (low oxygen) air,  This training is best 2 times a week, with a course taking 6 weeks.

We strongly advice to train and/or sleep with hypoxic to lower the possibily   of suffering AMS. 

Acute Mountain Sickness is also referred to as “Altitude Sickness”, and as the name indicates the illness is commonly encountered at exceptionally high altitudes, such as the summit area of Mount Kilimanjaro. AMS, once apparent, can be most effectively treated by immediately taking the affected person to a lower altitude.   Symptoms tend to be worse at night and when respiratory drive is decreased. Mild AMS does not interfere with normal activity and symptoms generally subside within 2-4 days as the body acclimatizes. As long as symptoms are mild, and only a nuisance, ascent can continue at a moderate rate. When hiking, it is essential that you communicate any symptoms of illness immediately to others on your trip.

Detailed info will be given during info sessions in Fisiotics

Personal & group coaching

Your personal trainer creates specific workouts based on the goals or challenges you're training for .  A personalized strategy gives you better results than a general workout plan. Because we know your physical condition and medical background, we are able to make adjustments to the program where needed.

Detailed info will be given during info sessions in Fisiotics

Uw persoonlijke trainer maakt een specifieke training plan op, enkel voor u en op basis van wat u wilt bereiken en uw fitness-niveau. Dit gepersonaliseerde plan geeft u betere resultaten dan een algemene training. Omdat wij uw fysieke conditie en medische achtergrond kennen, kunnen we het programma beter aan uw behoeften aanpassen..