April 2015 : Belgian expedition to Makalu 8463m

The goal was to climb the fifth highest mountain, located in Nepal, a mountain not yet climbed by any Belgium....

Our team consisted 6 climbers and 3 sherpa's with the support of Nepalees logistic, where

we would climb in a periode of 2 months to reach the summit.

To get to the basecamp, a trek of 7 day's followed the valleys of Makalu regio and the Arun river.

The trek was supported by 9 members of family and friends and 6 members of Climbing Managers.

These managers were VIP Sponsors to benefit the locale hospital in Kandabhari.

Nobody could predict that our expedition would end by the hand of nature when Nepal was struck by a

earthquake of that magnitude.   

We never could climb higher than camp 2 at 6700m and ended the expedition when the sherpa's went back to there homes and family.

Once in Belgium we started fund raising for the benefite and rebuilding of a school in Seduwa, the only school for the Makalu region that was destroyed by the earthquake.

n 2017

The dream is still alive....can we combine Lhotse and Makalu ?

Rudi Bollaert returned towards Makalu, visiting the region and the

Seduwa school rebuilding. He tried again to make his dream come true

after his attemped during the first Belgian expedition towards Makalu

in 1984 and the second in 2015. Unfortunaly due to bad weatherconditions

there was no summit this year (2017)


Makalu total summits : 454 (232 no O2)

Makalu women with no Oxygen 18

Makalu women total: 31


8 4 6 3 m