I & II

8 0 6 8 m


8 0 3 5 m

2013 we planned a Belgian expedition to Gasherbrum I and II in PAKISTAN,

The goal was to climb two mountains, located in Pakistan,during one expedition !

Our team consisted 5 climbers and 2 sherpa's with the support of Nepalees logistic, where

we would climb in a periode of 2 months to reach the summit.

The start was full of commotion when a terrorist attack took place in the basecamp of Nanga Parbat mountain. 11 climbers were killed and the Belgian Embassy asked that we and the 15 members  for the trekking, would return homeā€¦.

All the expedition members and 5 trekkers stayed  in Islamabad until the security was guaranteed by the Pakistan government and we could continue our journey.

To get to the basecamp, a trek of 7 day's following the beautifull gondorola area with views on K2 and Broadpeak.

Due to the delay by the attack , we had to push the expedition faster than foreseen.

Stef Maginelle and Guido Riemenschneider summited Gasherbrum II during the first good weather window , without supplemental oxygen 21 July 2013

After that there was a second window, only couple of days later for Gasherbrum I. Stef and Guido made an attempt from camp 3 but do to a storm  had to return. Guido went back to basecamp as for Stef continued the following day towards the summit. 29 July 2013

And so Stef became the first Belgian to climb 2 peak above 8000m during one expedition without supplemental oxygen

Koen had to abort his climb on Gasherbrum II in camp 3, 7000m.

Sofie went for here summitpush but was cauth in a storm at 7400m and had to retreat when 2 tents in camp 3 were destroyed. 

Johan had severe health problems and good not climb further than intermedium camp. 

Here you can see the movie about the trek and expedition ;