Khan Tengri


7 0 1 0 m

Sofie has successfully climbed  solo the North side of Khan Tengri 7010m - 16 aug 2015 at 14u30

by the Solamatov Route (Classical Northern)

Difficulty: Russian Grade 5b

First Climbed: 1974

To reach the summit, she made 3 camps above basecamp : 4300m

camp 1 : 4700m

camp 2 : 5500m

camp 3 : 5900m

Many thanks to her sponsor : the outdore store BERGHUT in Hamme & BERGHAUS

Khan Tengri or Hantengri Peak is a mountain of the Tian Shan mountain range.

The name "Khan Tengri" literally means "King Heaven" in Kazakh and possibly references the deity Tengri.

It is located on the China—Kyrgyzstan—Kazakhstan border, east of lake Issyk Kul.

The meanpeak rises 7,010 m (22,999 ft) above sealevel, he is, in mountaineering circles, including for the Soviet Snow Leopard award criteria.

Khan Tengri is the highest point in Kazakhstan and the third-highest peak in Kyrgyzstan, after Jengish Chokusu (7,439  m) and Pik Lenina (7,134 m). It is also the world's most northern 7,000-metre peak, notable because peaks of high latitude have a shorter climbing season, generally more severe weather and thinner air.

28/07/2010 Stef and his friend Christophe made it also the summit of Khan Tengri, north side.

There expedition went very fast and got them there nickname : the lean mean machines :-)