Stef Maginelle

Gradually I've build up some experience in the world

of Climbing.

After years of outdoor activities like canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking,trail running,... 

I was introduced in 2004 in the 'art' of

high altitude climbs.

There I found my thrill : working days and months

towards 1 goal

at the altitude of a cruising airplane.

As a physiotherapist I'm fascinated by the human body and the physiology of the mind.

Climbing 8000 meter peaks is the result of mental strength and physical endurance.

Training and preparation are the key points to success.

Widening your comfort zone, to reach your limits and then push them further

Sofie Lenaerts

I started rock Climbing when I was 24 years old

and after that, I never stopped exploring new sports;

Skydiving, kickboxing, motorcycling, scuba diving, skiing, trail running, kite surfing, speleology, high altitude Climbing and paragliding...

I crossed South America by motorcycle,

drove over 2700km in Asia by bike,

flew off the summit of Mont Blanc with a paraglider,

solo-climbed a +7000er peak

and climbed Everest...

I live for adventures

from underground or underwater until the summits of the highest mountains ….

If you can dream it, you can do it !

Since 2015 Berghaus athlete

We Always fly with Turkish Airlines

Summit EVEREST 8848m

we have the clearest vision with ;