The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that arranges experiences described as "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical conditions.


Make-A-Wish operates in 45 other countries around the world through 38 affiliate offices like Belgium-Vlaanderen.


Thanks to the collaboration of more than 100 volunteers spread over Flanders and the financial support of free donations & sponsorship, Make-A-Wish can fulfill wishes of these children.



Because Sofie was asked to be an ambassador of 30 days without complaining,

we wanted to do something for Make-A-Wish.

Make-A-Wish gives back hope, fantasy, joy and strength to the children and the people around them.



Support our CHALLENGE 3 feb 2018 to cross flanders from the lowest point De Panne, towards the highest point in Voeren,

by running and bicycling, 270 km in 24hr


Please give a donation to Make-A-Wish for every kilometer we run/bike !

on the account number Make-A-Wish BE83 4093 0351 0115 with the reference: F17408


Further information about Make-A-Wish is available on the website:


Trace our path in real time : legendstracking