Summitday part2:

From here the route follows the ridge but we're still far from the real summit. First we must cross a big gap with overhanging cables 😬swinging in the wind...

After that monkey bridge, the route winds around a big pinnacle gently upwards. To our surprise two more smaller gaps present themselves and have to be crossed by taking a leap of faith.

Then we make a spectacular traverse with a drop of 500m below our feet, just before the final stretch towards the summit. This climb is really amazing !

Chris pull's out his drone and start's filming the last steps towards the highest point of Oceania. The gps measures the altitude 4894m while we scream our longs out of happiness ! Tears roll down our faces when we hug each other; we are on carstensz piramide summit 😄

After 5 day's of heavy hiking in the jungle, over immense no-mans land and 5 hours of climbing, the whole team stands together on one peak

Summitday part 1 :

3:20am we are ready to climb after waiting one hour for breakfast 😕 but the weather looks very good !

After hiking less than a hour, we arrive at the base of the rockwall about 500m below the summit.

Fixed ropes are hanging in the route but not all ropes are in a good (safe) condition. Carefully we make our way up, making shore not to let loose rock fall down.

When the sun is rising up above nearby mountains, the scenery becomes magical.

The Steep route is easily climbed because the rock is very sharp and before we realize it, we are already standing at 7am on the ridge with amazing surrounding views

green grass became grey rock and the views took our breath away! Ones we climbed over the New Zealand pass, 4494m our efforts were reworded with a spectacular surrounding; staring at the impressive wall of Puncak Jaya 4884m high. Whoaw!

Porters walked barefoot over the rocky ground until the base camp where we setup the tents. The climbing gear and new food would arrive at 3 pm but as the hours passed by, we became more hungry, not be able to lunch and walked for 8 hours with 1263+hm... At 7pm we shared some freezed dried food just before the supply (noodle soup, rice, a stove and fuel) finally arrived at 8pm!

The night would be short as we prepared ourselves to start the climb at 3am the next morning....


Day 6 was a beautiful but demanding trip; a early start at 6 am was taking to be sure we would reach base camp around 2 pm. The landscape changed dramatic after a slippery climb over a pass above crater lake


Day 5 started later than foreseen and the path took us over many hills, rivers , big lakes and gave us a first glimpse on the nearby mountains. In total we hiked 618+hm on the plateau at 3750m altitude. The next day we will reach basecamp carstenz piramide


Day 4: we leave early in the morning, knowing we must make extra km/miles if we want to arrive in base camp as foreseen due to the unexpected end last day. The terrain changes constantly , from high grass to steep descents into valleys with many rivers we must cross. Magnificent rock formations and a impressive waterfall with underground caves, shows that under our feet lays a whole other world... the day is long on the immense plateau covered with moss, mud and water.. we walk more than 30 km, asc 960+hm, and reach the camp in the dark after 11hours walking ... the atmosphere becomes a little bit Grimm when one porter losses his temper and acts furious with his machete ... the guides calms the situation as we are all tired . Tomorrow will be a other day


Day 3 : the path becomes more narrow as we must climb over a pass to reach the grass-fields where a camp is setup after 4 hours hiking, 572+hm because the expedition leader decides that he will return back to Ilaga the next day. The rest of the expedition will be managed by 2 local Papua guides. In the afternoon we build our camp and take a rest , curious what lays ahead ...


Second day of the expedition was a hard and sweaty journey (32c) through the jungle but it was very rewarding : pure nature, singing Papua's around the fireplace and magnificent views! Struggling with branches and pools of mud, we reached the first camp at 3350m after 8 hours and 988+hm


Expedition Carstenz ; climbing Puncak Jaya 4884m the highest mountain of the oceanic continent and one of the 7 summits. Day one started with a magnificent flight above the immense jungle and the warm welcome by the Papua tribal in Ilaga.


Vrijdag 16/06/2017:

Gisterenmorgen rond 9.00u lokale tijd, stond het voltallige team op de Carstenz Piramide!


Ze keerden veilig en wel terug naar het BC.

De noodzakelijke bevoorrading waarop ze wachtten hebben ze niet ontvangen. Vandaag keerde het team met een hongertje richting bewoonde wereld met loodzware rugzakken omdat er te weinig dragers waren. En om hun weerbaarheid nog even te testen ... de regen valt er met bakken uit de lucht zoals voorspeld.

dinsdag 13/06/2017:

toegekomen op 3770m. Morgen starten we om 6.00u voor de laatste etappe naar BC. Eindelijk terug wat zon gezien waardoor we onze eerste glimp kregen op de Carstenz Piramide! Het doel is in zicht...

zondag 11/06/2017:

Het team trekt over het Kimbala plateau op 3700m met temperaturen van 33°C. Nog 3 trekkingdagen scheiden hen van Carstenz Base Camp.

zaterdag 10/06/2017:

16.00u, lokale tijd: toegekomen in Kamp 3340m.

Een prachtige tocht door de jungle.

De warmte maakt het pittig zwaar maar iedereen voelt zich prima.

Noot van de webmaster: wegens een technisch probleempje kan Sofie geen fotos meer doorsturen.

vrijdag 09/06/2017:

De avond valt in het dorp op 2350m. Een dag achter de rug waarin we in prachtige natuur werden gedropt, vriendelijke mensen mochten ontmoeten, kinderspelletjes speelden met de lokale kleuters, kinderliedjes zongen (met hen uiteraard) en ... de eerste peniskokers zagen rondlopen!

Morgen eerste dag van de trekking naar BC.

donderdag 08/06/2017:

aankomst in Timika, Papua.

Woensdag 07/06/2017

Na een vluchtje van 6 uur tot Quatar en eentje van 10 uur tot Bali, is het voltallige Carstenz team momenteel op weg naar Papua New Guinea... uiteraard weer al vliegend. Deze keer maar 5 uur. Tijdens de rustdag vandaag in Bali werd het klimmateriaal gechecked en het het zwembad getest.

Vannacht landen ze in Timika...


Tashi delek Kathmandu! On our way with Turkish Airlines ; arrival in Brussels Friday 26th at 18u30 !


Back at KTM! Some time for rest, recovery, illy coffee and and ... A candle light diner.


Een beetje vakantie: op n terrasje in Tengboche met zicht op Lhotse en ama damblam... Met n warme choco! Straks verder tot namche bazar.


Laatste nacht in onze dome... Laatste ontbijt op Everest BC met zicht od icefall. Het was prachtig!

Momenteel dalen we af richting lukla. Een warme choco en n noedelsoepje in gorak shep... Vele herinneringen spoken door mn hoofd, vele intense momenten beheersen mn gedachten. Ze moeten nog n plaats krijgen in mn memory. En alle straffe verhalen... Die willen we wel ns delen!


Back in basecamp after a intens expedition. We gave everything we had and enjoyed the magnificant views. We had planed one summitpush , making it hard but straight forward. Arriving at the last camp at 7800m we had to make a platform on the steep wall just before the night of the summitpush. Barely time to recover we made a attempt for the summit around 1am. low on energy... Shortly after depature , Sofie was too tired and returned to c4 , stef reached 8000m before returng to the camp. A Few cold hours later stef tried again with sherpa and clients before him and reached the base of the couloir around 8100m but had to return again. With no possibility to stay more nights up , we desided to go down. The altitude and the weight of backpacks made it a hard challenge but very rewarding! We choose to climb this way: no sherpa support, no additional oxygen... It was though, but so satisfying. Being self relient, one team, the two of us and the mountain... It was so intense and beautiful! Tomorrow we'll return happy home again 😃


(message by satphone)

After 2 summit attempts Stef and Sofie are in C2 on their way back to BC. Unfortunately they haven't made it to the summit, they had to return at about 8000m, but Stef sounded satisfied. Full report by Stef will follow tomorrow.


Stef and Sofie reached camp2 after a streneous climb of 9h out of BC. They carried fuel, food and gear for their summit attempt.

Stef is feeling well now (after being shortly sick, Nepalese diarree...😉). Now they're waiting for a good weather window to climb higher. Keep fingers crossed!


Surprise! We re still at BC. Reason: yak had to visit the toilet too many times... And several contradictory wheather forecasts....

After a day of sleeping and taking ors bags, yak is back in business! Today we went up a hill nearby bc till 5600m... And it felt good!

So, tonight we are leaving bc, up to c2!


After 10 days in basecamp resting it is time to move again. This night We return to the highcamps. Allthough the weather is not perfect, there is a balance between sun/snow and maybe the wind will lay down during a weatherwindow


Base camp.

7200m hebben we gehaald in een verschroeiend snel tempo. Het materiaal ligt op zijn plaats tot Camp3: tenten, eten en epigas.

Nu liggen we reeds een week op 5300m te recupereren. We slapen goed, eten zoveel we kunnen en maken zo nu en dan een tripje om onze conditie op pijl te houden.

De meeste klimmers hebben hun acclimatisatie afgerond. Velen zijn ziek: de khumbu cough staat op de ziektelijst op nummer één, gevolgd door longaandoeningen, maag-darm klachten, bevriezingen ...

Om het even concreet te maken: In onze eettent met 14 internationale klimmers zijn er nog wel geteld 2 die niet geveld zijn door één van bovenstaande aandoeningen!

Om deze reden dalen velen (ongeveer de helft) verder af naar lagergelegen dorpen zoals Tengboche of zelfs NamcheBazar om beter te recupereren. Sommigen te voet, anderen betalen graag enkele honderden tot duizenden dollars voor een snelle trip via Heli.

Het toppunt hiervan is een recuperatievluchtje vanuit C2 ( 6400m!) naar Namche Bazar op vraag van een Chinese klant... ik wil het prijskaartje niet weten.

Op dit moment begint het dilemma op te spelen: Ga ik weer de Icefall door om terug op hoogte te komen, eventueel nog een nachtje door te brengen op weer af te dalern ifv het summit window? of wacht ik onmiddellijk het topmoment af maar verlies ik stilaan mijn hoogtegewenning?

Moeilijke keuze, daar Fie geplaagd zit met een prachtvoorbeeld van een khumbu cough en zij nog éénmaal naar boven wil, namelijk voor een toppoging.

Slapen doen we beiden uitstekend... het klokje rond zoals ze dat noemen is dagelijkse kost! Mentaal zit alles snor: de focus is ongewijzigd.

Een vroege summit zou echter gewaagd zijn... de eerste windows zijn meestal koud en winderig dus niet geschikt voor de klimmers zonder suplementaire zuurstof.

We wachten een venstertje af met aangename temperaturen.

De Icefall kent geen superlatieven: dagelijks verandert de route, dagelijks zijn er kleine verschuivingen, lees instortingen, van de ijstorens. We horen dat de route ook elk jaar langer wordt gezien de vele "omleidingen" en zigzagjes. De Icefall,... prachtig om te zien, maar als klimroute te ontzien.

Gisterenavond bevestigng gekregen van de BC manager dat de fixed lines in orde zijn tot C4 (7800m). In de komende dagen wordt Camp 4 opgezet voor de klanten e richting 9 of 10 mei verwachten we de vaste touwen tot de top van Lhotse. Hierna wordt het een topmoment kiezen en een nummertje trekken...

Het begint te kriebelen,

Hoogste groet!



Today we went to c1 at Pumori, a nearby peak. This was the best lunch place ever with splendid panorama over the everest range! So we could touch 5700m again. Our legs are still doing well...

Meanwhile we prepare our gear for the summit push.


Rest days at BC passing by: fixed lines should be installed soon above c 3-4. First wheather window will be around 9-10 may. Too cold for us so we are planning some altitude trips till the wheather will be stable en good up there! Namaste, s&s


Acclimatisation during last week. Some pictures...


Stef called today by satphone from Camp 3. They are fine and spend the night up there in order to climb higher tomorrow. They Will descend to camp2 and spend one night before returning to BC.

(I am not sure if they allready heard the sad news that there friend Ueli Steck made a deadly fall yesterday during his acclimatisation before his attempt on Everest - Lhotse... very weird, Stef and Sofie have spoken with Ueli a couple of days ago in C2)

Christophe De Deckker.



Stef and Sofie are feeling great in camp2 at 6300m. They already put up camp3 (about 7000m). Tomorrow they're gonna sleep up there to get as high as possible (7700m?) the day after tomorrow (acclimatisation). Then they will descend back to BC.

At C2 there are a lot of climbers they know. They had a chat with the famous Swiss speedclimber Ueli Steck, who's there acclimatising too before his attempt on Everest and Lhotse. Stef sounded very enthusiastic at the satphone. Stef en Sofie are at C2 at the moment, enjoying a restday. They are feeling fine. Tomorrow they head up to C3. (Message by satphone)


Stef en Sofie are at C2 at the moment, enjoying a restday. They are feeling fine. Tomorrow they head up to C3. (Message by satphone)


Today we had puja: it became the biggest one in history!

The rest of the day we spent packing our gear together cause tonight we ll leave BC for our first trip to c1 and up. Next days we ll sent some info by sat phone.


Rest day at BC. Having a shower, a self made italian coffee, and installing all equipement.


What a day! We reached BC after a 2 h walk in a clear sky with lovely views.

We spent the rest of the day organizing our BC: shovelling a platform, putting the dome and making it cosy. We also participate in a research program so we visit a doctorsdome for taking some tests including a bloodsample. It's very busy here. Puja on the 24th... After that: climbing time!


Day 3: from Pheriche to Gorak Shep, 5150m, the highest village on earth.

980 +m, 12 km distance. At noon we could take lunch in Gorak. After the first porter who descended, our porter guide turned around at Lobuche because of headeache. An interim porter was found to walk with us to BC tomorrow. We spent all day in clouds with some very seldom views of the surrounding mountains... But we had our view on Lhotse south face!

Now snow flakes are falling

from above... Tashi delek!


Day2: start at Namche Bazar , 3440m around 7am. Passing through Tengboche, 3870m, having lunch.

First view on our goal: Lhotse!

Arrived at Pheriche, 4260m after 20 km and 1470 +m.

Ended with no view at all... Cloudy

But loving the apple pie at the lodge


5 am wake up call, 6 am to domestic airport, 7.30 am cloudy flight to lukla without a view, 9.00 am breakfast in lukla, 9.30 am start trek to namche bazar. After 1,5 h: porter sprained his ankle... We take the duffle .

After 19 km, 1260 pos altitudemeters and 5 hours, we arrived at Namche Bazar where we had a illy coffee!

Feeling strong and happy being here in the sagarmatha region!

Tashi delek!!!


Last night at KTM, before early departure to Lukla. Let's get the party started!

27-03-2017 Kampenhout (B)


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